I was born in Buenos Aires, and I have always felt attraction by the tango and its shoe design. After dancing tango for many years, I decided to create my own shoe designs to make them comfortable and stylish. They are made out of enthusiasm and with the same passion I feel when dancing.


The shoes are specially design for dancing. They are soft, flexible and comfortable keeping elegance and grace when walking on the dance floor.

The shoes are designed and made in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The soles are made up of “Cromo”, which is the material used by Argentinian tango dancers.

“Cromo” is a kind of thin leather that is very beneficial for dancing since it has a better grip towards the floor and makes the shoes flexible enough to allow foot articulation and still be very supportive. This sole is not suitable to wear on the street. For street wear it is better to order, the model you like, but with leather sole which is harder and suitable for walking on pavement.

In all the models, the insole has a foam to relief the metatarsus and make them more comfortable for dancing, since that is the part that is used the most, when dancing.

The shoes come in many colors, models, textures and patterns. Before ordering, check availability. If they are not in stock, they can be ordered.